8 Social Entrepreneurship Job Boards You Need to Be Following

So you’ve set your heart on getting your next job somewhere in that vague yet very sexy-sounding category called “social entrepreneurship”. No matter who you are, the big question becomes: where the heck do I look?


Next upcoming adventure: Colombia!

The last few years have been dotted with various short-term trips, ranging from one week to one month (Dominican Republic, Cuba, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Mexico), but nothing long-term since 2011. Thus…I’m overdue to get the heck outta here! For just over a year, I have been working as a counselor for university students doing internships abroad,…

How Alicia Keys Convinced Me to Quit Grad School

My accounting textbook laid splayed open in front of me. I spread my hands across its pages, feeling the glossiness of their surface, and how thick the hundreds of pages I had left felt. Why wasn’t learning by osmosis a thing yet? I imagined the knowledge rising in millions of tiny particles from the pages, osmosing…