Isla San Andrés, Colombia: One week in “the sea of seven colors”

Much like the English Puritans who settled San Andrés in 1630, I also escaped Massachusetts for more fertile, tropical climes. Except for I don’t think the Puritans were able to get their scuba diving certification.


7 Types of Backpackers You’ll Encounter in Central America

Central America is a popular route for foreign backpackers because it is beautiful, cheap, and, since it is about 34 times smaller than South America (I did math!!!!), you can cover way more countries in a short period of time. Why do you think I’ve spent so much time there myself? It allows me to…

How to Experience Carnaval in Las Tablas, Panamá

This post is about a recent travel adventure of mine, in Panama in early March 2014. I was going there to visit a friend, and my trip serendipitously happened to coincide with Carnaval. Our initial research quickly turned up a small town called Las Tablas, which we quickly learned is known by all Panamanians as being the…